Major Gen. Mugisha Muntu believes the opposition has a rocky mountain to climb ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Gen. Muntu who appeared on NBS TV to paint a picture on the challenges opposition finds itself in ahead of the General elections.

The Alliance for National Transformation ANT President made it clear they are in for a rude awakening with the Covid-19 standing before their plans.

Gen. Muntu feared: “I don’t think the regime is going to change its character. If they were, we would already be seeing signs through this crisis. They will keep trying to manipulate the crisis to their benefit.”

The former army commander said: “Rallies were restricted even before COVID19. The regime fears big numbers. We fought a war, it wasn’t easy but we fought and took power. Unfortunately, we lost direction along the way.”

Muntu tipped: “Maybe they will want to take advantage of the electoral program and restrict the movement of those contending for power. However, we cannot wait for their goodwill. We need to get to work.”

He stated: “There is goodwill from the population as well. Midway, they took the country for granted. It seems they can’t avoid looking at every situation through partisan lenses. This is seen in the way they handled the issue of giving out food.”

Gen. Muntu pointed out: “The only complication we have not yet resolved is the issue of time. If there is no shift in the electoral roadmap, we shall have to be innovative and do several things within the remaining time frame.”

He called on: “This is an opportunity for change, we have to get better organized. If Covid-19 were to spread beyond what it is now, what would that mean? We have to sit down and discuss all that. The biggest problem though is the nature of the regime.”

Muntu explained: “We are operating in a very complex situation. There have been restrictive operations in terms of reach. We have lost two and a half months. As we speak, we don’t know when political activities will resume.”

He said: “After this Covid-19, I would be interested to look at the audit reports. I have a feeling people are going in to loot and not build and protect the people. They have seen it as an opportunity of a kill. This is unfortunate.”

Muntu lashed out: “I don’t even think we should hope for a change in character. I think this regime is acting in a worse manner every day.”

On Covid-19 fight, he said: “The number of measures being taken seem to be the correct ones. The biggest worry, however, is discipline. If there was discipline in implementing these measures, we would be far.”

Gen. Muntu narrated: “In a crisis, one would think we all focus to save lives but the narrowness of their thinking says otherwise. This was an opportunity for the regime to get goodwill but it seems they are people who can’t go above who they are. They seem to simply be incapable of looking beyond themselves. That is the dilemma we have in this country.”