South African based Socialite Zari Hassan has once again showed off her 500 million silky Ranger Rover sport as she goes hard on her haters on Instagram.

Zari chilling to her Range rover sport

The mother of five posted a lovely picture of herself standing next to her multi million white swanky car and then assured followers how she cant be friends with people who detest her success as it would only mean they simply have nothing in common

Zari chilling in her office in South Africa


”Can’t be around people who think your growth is competition. If we can’t be happy for one another, we have nothing in common” Zari captioned her pic

Of recent Zari has been in the news as numerous reports say she is slowly making amends with her Ex boy friend Diamond Platinumz

Zari chilling in her office in South Africa

The once powerful couple has now found an amicable way of co-parenting their kids despite the long distance between themselves


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