President Yoweri Museveni’s pick for Jennifer Ssemakula Musisi’s replacement Dorothy Kisaka as Executive Director Kampala Capital City Authority KCCA revealed in her Covid-19 online preaching: “So my brother when a reason for assignment comes, don’t shun it”.

President Museveni nominated Dorothy along with Dr. Daniel Okello Ayen, as Director, Public Health and Environment, Sarah Kanyike, for Director Gender, Community Services and Grace Akullo, for Director, Human Resources and Administration.

Dorothy is a born again Christian and lawyer by profession just like her predecessor Musisi. She is a preacher to be exact.

President Museveni in his letter head-hunted the bespectacled lawyer. She is currently working as administrator of the Covid-19 Response Fund stationed at the Prime Minister’s office.

Dorothy has also worked at the electoral commission. She said the assignment distanced her from some of her friends.

Museveni’s nominee will bring a vast experience working with government to KCCA if Public Service Commission approves her.

Preaching recently online to her disciples, “So my brother when a reason for assignment comes, don’t shun it”.

Inspired by the Biblical story of Esther, Dorothy tells Christians to put themselves on the front line when there is an opportunity.

She goes ahead to reveal that they would be serving God by going to the front line.

Here below is Dorothy’s preaching to herself and Christians who when confronted by the call to serve their country and God. This was published on the Christian website

Spiritual Mission

It wasn’t glamour. It wasn’t exciting because I was coming from a different background of career into another. But I had to do it. Each of us in different times, you sense the lord take on this assignment.

It is me sending you to that front line. And it is me to strengthen you on that front line. Who knows all the preparations I have made for your time could be for a time like this.

The Christian Life is a crucified life. It is a life Paul said in his letter to the Philippians that I have been crucified with Christ. That I live not just I but Christ who lives in me.

For me to live is Christ and for me to die is gain. The life we live as Christians is to serve the purpose of God in relationship with him and to be faithful stewards wherever he sends us.

We go where he sends and we do. Whether it is popular, glamorous. Our lives belong to Christ. Whether we dies or live our life belongs to him.

It is testified of Jesus in the book of Hebrews, for the joy set before him, he endured the cross, scorning its shame. And he sat down at the right of God, at the thrown of God.

At one time he used these words. He said: my food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. To finish the mission God has given me. To finish the assignment God has given you.

That is what we draw from the story of Esther. She had prepared to be a queen for 12 months. She had been bathing in perfume and Aloe Vera and all those things that make the skin glow and look beautiful.

And a time for her greatest moment had come. She did not know that. But in a reflection her cousin told her who knows all these preparations you are going through are for such a time as this.

So my brother when a reason for assignment comes, don’t shun it. Take it upon yourself.