James Onen aka Fat boy has been in the news of late after a bitter split with his former bosses at one of city media houses, where he had been working since 1999.

Fat Boy doesn't need salary to survive
Fat Boy doesn’t need salary to survive

Apparently, Fatboy was fired by his bosses for spearheading a sit down strike, something he has since denied.

In one of his recent interviews, the veteran media personality bragged how he is super rich and that he doesn’t need monthly salary to make ends meet. But well, he seems to be realistic about his statement!

Fat Boy not bothered with the sacking
Fatboy not bothered with the sacking

Do you know that his family owns the home of the famous Nyege Nyege Festival?

The proprietor of the now famous Nile Discovery Resort Beach was the Late Ambassador Julius Baker Onen. The resort has become home to Uganda’s biggest festival for the past three years. The Nyege Nyege Festival that runs for almost a week in September attracts tens of thousands of revelers.

The Late Fat Boy's Dad
The Late Fat Boy’s Dad

Ambassador Julius Baker Onen, is the father of  Fat Boy (James Onen). Onen Senior died in March last year at Paragon Hospital where he had been admitted.

At the time of his death, the long-serving Ambassador was the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives. He was a long serving Ambassador to Japan and was once the deputy secretary general of the East African Community.

He was also a Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Board member.