Tales of office romance are nothing new, they often form the basis of films and TV programs.

Working and socializing with colleagues can inevitably lead to close encounters and these women reveal why they had romps with their bosses.

One woman who spoke to Women’s Health, said she knew it would never result in anything serious.

Michelle, 33, explained: “My boss has a reputation of being a womanizer.

“It was just like any other one-night stand, except it was with a person who I happen to see all the time.”

For Liz, 29, the experience wasn’t so positive.

“I ended up getting really, really drunk and spending the night with my boss,” she said.

“I was a drunken mess, and we both woke up the next morning embarrassed.”

The consequences continues, as Liz began to worry she’d get fired or that her boss would tell people.

Adding to that, she reported into him and they had one-on-one meetings each week.

While she managed to the incident behind her, Liz is adamant that she will never have s£x with a boss again.

So much so she decided not to even go to her Christmas bash this year.

Debby, 31, planned to sleep with her boss all along.

“I was planning on quitting in the next month or so because my boss was awful and I wanted to move on with my career,” she explained.

“I figured it would be a lot of fun to sleep with him and then quit because he’s super hot.”

Her experience shows that there aren’t always awkward consequences of sleeping with a boss.

Carrie, 27, has been secretly sleeping with her boss for two years.

Her reason for being intimate with her boss is simple – it’s gives her life a bit of spice.

Another woman described how getting intimate with your boss can have a fairy-tale ending.

She was his assistant and then one day they went out drinking together. They had some shots and ended up kissing… and the rest is history.

The pair made things official and she even thinks they’ll end up married in the future.