Talk about being just 4 years old and commanding a massive online following of over 2.5 millions people ‘pan’  the Instagram

Just as majority of our local celebrities grapple with turning their small social media accounts into mega digital platforms , Zari’s 4 year old is already enjoying big economies of scale accruing from the fact that her mum is a big brand and hence people will always follow  her automatically.

As the likes of Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Rema, John Blaq and Spice Diana strive to make just one million followers on Instagram, Zari’s little princess Tiffah is already celebrating  a whopping 2.5 million followers

There is no doubt that Zari’s influential status has done more than good in growing Tifffah’s social media numbers but as it it the case with Zari some  local analysts can’t wait to see the kind of numbers her daughter will be commanding when she comes of age


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