Bummy NTV Luganda news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe has shared a cryptic post that has left most of her fans speaking in tongues.

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Possibly it was just a normal post, but it came in at a moment when Nakazibwe’s nemesis Justine Nameere is having issues with police, after a manager at Khan investment, a car bond in Kampala accused her of taking and failing to pay for a car she took on loan.

And as we talk now, this troubled media personality is on a run after Khan investments offering to give a fat reward to anyone who alerts them on Nameere’s whereabouts.

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Now its time for Nakazibwe to laugh back; the darling Mwasuze mutya show host took it on her page on Saturday and shared on how jealousy and envy can destroy one’s life, adding that Jealousy is the last step one goes through before becoming a witch.

“Sometimes the jealousy you sense from people isn’t because of what you have materialistically. People envy how other people love you, show love for you and have love for you. Folks envy the way your handle situations that would have made them lose their minds. What they thought would’ve broken you DIDN’T BREAK YOU! Some people can’t stand to see you hold your head up high or to see you genuinely happy,” she shared.


Nakazibwe further wondered how someone can hate another, and even envy their intelligence and how they manage to make things happen.

“Used to crack my brain all night wondering why folks hate somebody so much till I understood its because someone survived horrors they all thought would have killed him/her or sent them to rehab. Did you know some people were 17 and fighting others at 30-40 years,” Nakazibwe noted.

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Nakazibwe’s post has bought the saying of ‘he who laughs last laughs best’ to life, this after Nameere’s recent shine in the news while exposing how Nakazibwe got married to a conman (Umar Ssali), how her marriage ended, her misfortunes among other things.

“look into yourself well! Someone like you who struggles to be such an angel and so perfect should not be counting divorce number 4! I empathize with you that you were gullible enough to be fooled, a simple crook got you into unnecessary clashes with different people” Nameere shared on social media recently.

But currently Nakazibwe has the big foot, now that Nameere is on a run after fleecing Khan Investments of several millions in a fake car deal.