Sensational and impressive female dancehall star Kapa Cat has has finally spoken out on allegations that she loves eating Sumbies instead of big cassava.

While being hosted by Galaxy FM’s Prim, Lito Jo and DJ Nimrod in the Big Bang show last Friday,  Kapa Kat opened up she does whatever she does because she feels so comfortable. This was after Prim asked the ‘Sikyo?’ hit star to clear the air about the rumor and her response was ishhh!

” There has been rumors that Kapa Kat loves fellow girls not boys, so what is your take?”, Prim asked and the brave star replied,

” Well the answer i will give them is that i just love to get comfortable…Where i find comfort i like. So if am comfortable i don’t care what other people say..”. she roared.

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Posted by Galaxy FM 100.2 on Friday, June 26, 2020