The three Local Defense Unit-LDUs personnel held for clobbering a 65year old man in Oyam district will be tried and sentenced before the Military court-martial.

On Sunday night police busted an operation by 6 LDU officers who stormed the Kamadini trading center with huge sticks and started battering residents to quickly head home while enforcing a curfew.

In the process 65-year-old, Francis Ogwang Munu fell victim to the beating and later succumbed to injuries at a hospital where he was rushed for treatment.

Now, police have zeroed down to 3 suspects out of the 6 who include; Godfrey Ogwang, Thomas Jolly Ipoka, and Felix Okumu, and all are being held at the Acolpii army barracks.

Michael Odongo, the North Kyoga Region Police spokesperson, says they picked out the suspects after investigations into the incident.

He says the suspects were handed over to the army pending trial in the court-martial.

Maj. Ceaser Olweny, the 4th Division Army spokesperson has condemned the actions of the LDUs saying taking away life is an offense that requires justice.