Trouble Entertainment singer Gravity Omutujju disregards GNL Zamba’s influence on his music career and reveals that he has never been inspired by the Baboon Forest Entertainment singer.

GNL Zamba, real name Ernest Nsimbi, has often regarded himself one of the pioneers of the Luga-flo genre. Several music critics regard him a god of the genre and hence a huge inspiration for people like Gravity Omutujju.

According to Gravity Omutujju, the above said is untrue because he did not pick any inspiration from Zamba. During an interview with Spark TV, the “Winner” singer said he is doing his own music style very different from Zamba’s.

And now to further water down GNL’s claims of being a legend Gravity Omutujju has made another scorching attack on the US based rapper saying he is just another version weak African man who went against culture and decided to be married by a white rich woman

”first take cigarettes off yo ears ssebo (I hear its a habbit) if u were looking for relevancy you could have called me nenkuwa plan..even the generation yo used to sing for are now grown n busy in worries of their dieing businesses that the government closed during the pandemic. ..Mr try some other business if u had marital misunderstandings with yo HUSBAND. (go to court and get yo share) but musically you need to consultant me” Gravity Omutujju fired direct shots to GNL Zamba