Kampala’s aspiring Lord Mayor Dr Jose Chameleon has finally added his voice on to the number of people putting pressure on government to open the country following a 4 month lock down implemented  by Ministry of Health to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus

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Citing examples from other overseas countries, Chameleon asked the president to look at the appalling conditions  many Ugandans are going through before begging him to revise his stance on the lock down

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The legendary singer also urged the president to pick an example from other nations that have embraced the new normal and moved on with their daily lives without necessarily restricting people from working

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”A country of peace and freedom Has become a den of promises and hope. We have waited and waited so long!! We have abided but now that we know other societies are moving forth as they have always done we are keeping backward. Let’s pick onto the world tempo as COVID19 is a worldwide pandemic. You have addressed us sir, we have heeded too. Let Uganda go world tempo than keeping us home as the world moves forth. People are tired of the senseless “LOCKDOWN”:Other countries are opening,Let people have food on the table as you promised some of us were left out!! Open up and let’s do it ourselves” Chameleon posted asking the president to let people work