Robert Kyagulanyi has claimed he is ready for elections but not the scientific one!

Electoral Commission EC announced the road map for the 2021 general elections last week.

Justice Simon Byabakama urged all candidates to conduct their campaigns on radios, TVs and social media to enforce social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

However, People Power pressure group President Bobi Wine dismissed the move while appearing on NBS TV on Wednesday morning.

Bobi Wine explained: “The media doesn’t effectively reach 30% of the population. A bad election is more dangerous to Uganda than Covid-19. Majority of radio and TV stations are owned by regime apologists. Museveni is at his weakest point.”

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The People Power chief raged: “Ugandans need to understand what their Electoral Commission is. They need to know that in this situation, we have a dictator who has been playing around.”

He warned: “Justice Byabakama should know that he is in a very sensitive position. I don’t want to be politically correct. I say it as it is. I am ready for an election as prescribed by the law. ”

Bobi stated: “The entire world should put their eyes on Uganda. As Ugandans, we should watch our steps. Don’t be fooled by the EC. Uganda must defy that information from the EC. They are our servants and not our bosses.”

He charged: “President Museveni is now facing a generation and dynamics he has never faced before. This is close to a coup. I am warning those old men not to mess us up. They are putting our country in danger. We need servant leadership as soon as yesterday.”

Bobi Wine went on: “Museveni is trying to stop the campaigns because he knows we shall shame him. He has seen our support. He is now using the money to buy politicians, religious leaders, and everyone.”