Songbird Irene Ntale is planning to prove to her critics that she has never visited Mama Lususu for bleaching lessons and neither does she wear fake bums to trap city loaded and horny men.

Irene Ntale
Irene Ntale

Ntale claims that haters and critics have always accused her of bleaching her skin and wearing fake bums during music videos and photo shoot, which she has always denied.

But being that actions speak louder than words, to prove her point Ntale has decided to do a swimsuit photo shoot to expose too much of her body, who know! maybe after seeing her semi-nude photos, people will affirm that her big bums and light toned skin are all natural.

 Ntale proves she doesn't bleach or wear fake bums
Ntale proves she doesn’t bleach or wear fake bums

She confirmed this through her Twitter handle on Tuesday, noting that she is tired of people saying that she’s not naturally light skinned and wears fake bums.

“Irene you wear a fake bum, fake bum, fake bum, fake bum, fake bum. but my bum is as real as they come, but what can I do. Irene you bleach, bleach, bleach, bleach, bleach, bleach, bleach…I am going to do a swimsuit shoot, be very ready,” Ntale shared on twitter.

She promised that her swimsuit photos will be released very soon.

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