South African based socialite Zari Hassan has heaped praise on celebrated TV star Sheila Gashumba for persistently putting up a spirited fight against cyber bullying

Zari Hassan chilling in her backyard


It should be noted that Sheila Gashumba and her loaded boyfriend God’s plan launched a fierce online campaign against cyber bullying with an ultimate aim of curbing down the bad vice among notorious TV presenters

The couple came up with a Hashtag ”stop cyber bullying” on twitter and it trended for over a week

Sheila Gashumba has been spear heading the cyber bullying campaign

In the same vein Sheila released evidence that pinned and exposed scoop on scoop presenter Tina Fierce.

In the evidence brought forth Tina was exposed as dealing with malicious people who pay her to destroy Sheila’s name on TV

Sheila Gashumba

Ultimately Tina was suspended by both her employer and UCC for reportedly indulging in dirty deals  as her fate still awaits further investigations

On learning upon Tina’s suspension on TV, South African based socialite made a live video congratulating Sheila for the spirited fight against Tina Fierce

According to Zari, Sheila is a true hero to many people out there who are bullied but can’t come out to defend themselves

”She is a brave and intelligent girl. She has successfully fought for many people who wouldn’t be able to speak up against cyber bullying. i am myself have been a victim of Tina’s bullying”Zari said in a live video

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