Following socialite Zari Hassan’s controversial live Facebook video in which she said that people power leader bad Bobi Wine might just not have the necessary credentials required to lead a country like Uganda, noisy Facebook blogger Peng Peng has come out all guns blazing to attack the south African based business woman.

According to Peng Peng, of all people shading  doubt on Bobi Wine’s credibility ,Zari should be last person questioning the singer’s ability  to stand for presidency

In a rather erratic response on his official Facebook page, Peng Peng said that Zari is nothing more than just a ‘Sumbie’ vendor who keeps on hopping from man to man in search of money

Just to give his followers a hint of  how much Zari detoothed Bryan White while working as ambassador for the Bryan white foundation Peng Peng sensationally revealed that the socialite was bonked for a whopping 10,000 US dollars

”I can only tell you that Zari was wired for a full week and being given 10,000 USD by Bryan White” Peng Peng said in the video

Well you may think we have created our own words but just take time and listen to the clip below;


Posted by Raymond Soulfa on Friday, July 3, 2020





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