It seems like controversial Sweden based blogger Raymond Saulfa popularly known as Peng Peng has launched a scorching attack on South African based socialite Zari Hassan following her comments that Kyadondo East member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi has no credentials to stand for presidency.

Peng Peng and Zari at war

After shamelessly revealing that amount of money that skinny tycoon Bryan White used to lure Zari into bed, the self styled Blogger has once again spilled more secrets regarding the amount of money that Zari wanted from Bryan’s foundation to be able to pay for her operation.

Without hesitating any of his shocking utterances Peng Peng revealed how Zari sustained some serious internal injuries from the time she was staying with Diamond in Tanzania

Zari Hassan chilling in her backyard

Although he didn’t mention the real cause of the internal injuries while at Diamond’s, the motor mouthed blogger said that Zari told Bryan White to give her a significant amount of money that would be used to treat her internal injuries  inflicted on her while in Tanzania

”If you joke around i will spill all your secrets with Diamond.You think we don’t know how susutianed serious internal injuries while staying with Diamond in Tz. It is the very reason you asked Bryan White to give you huge amounts of money to be able to do an operation” Peng Peng was heard saying in one of his block buster videos