South African based socialite Zari Hassan has for the past 7 days tested  the real wrath of people power supporters.

It should be remembered that the mother of 5 came out on Tuesday last week and said that renown singing politician Robert Kyagulanyi has no required credentials to become the president of Uganda a statement that angered many opposition supporters on social media

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On hearing Zari’s flabbergasting statement on social media, many high ranking people power influencers came out attacking the socialite with some really demeaning accusations

Among the influencers who came out to attack Zari for giving her opinion on Bobi Wine’s candidature was controversial events organizer Andrew Mukasa popularly known as Bajjo events.

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The motor mouthed people power supporter came down hard on the socialite saying that he has no moral authority to judge Bobi Wine

”Zari has no moral authority to talks about Bobi Wine’s credentials.She is a failed musician and apart from singing in bed she never really grew to become the singer she wanted to be” Bajjo said in an interview with a local TV station


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