A 24-year old man who was convicted and sentenced in court for being in illegal possession of narcotic drugs shocked the judge when he requested for more jail time.

Richard Kasozi was convicted by Makindye court grade one magistrate and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment but instead asked the magistrate to hand him  30 years imprisonment.

A drunken Kasozi bluntly defended his awkward choice before the Makindye court grade one magistrate Patience Lonah Tukundane saying 2 years in the coolers was not enough for him to change.

He added that 30 years in the confines of prison instead would be much more comfortable for him to transform.

Kasozi had pleaded guilty to the offense of being in possession of illicit drugs contrary to the narcotic drug and psychotropic substance control act 2015.

The court had evidence against the convict showing that he was arrested for harassing women and children while under the influence of the drug.

The Magistrate who didn’t give much thought to Kasozi’s liquor based argument maintained her decision, sending him to the Sentema government prison where he is to serve the two-year jail term.