Renown American based Socialite Nalongo Don Zella has perhaps delivered the most heart breaking news to embattled local singer Ibrahim Mayanja popularly know as Big Eye

Taking to her official Facebook page Don Zella sensationally warned Big Eye to stop using the health status of her sick kid to try and lobby for funds from the government

Don Zella and Big eye

For far too long singer Big Eye has been crying out to government to help clear off his huge debt  but all his efforts have gone unnoticed

On seeing that her ex girl friend Don Zella posted their sick kid in Hospital battling a strange sickness, Big Eye used the opportunity to put much more pressure on the ruling party to give him money .

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” Get well soon son.Eno manja sente zange mzey aganyi okuzimpa, Eno omwana wange mulwadde, Kyoka nange ndi mulwade. Yiii mukama taasa.” Big Eye posted perhaps sending an emotional message to government to speed up his payment

Big eye and Don Zella during their happier days

In a more robust response to his ex boyfriend , Sociallite Don Zella has now warned Big Eye to stop using her son to solicite support from govenement yet he has never given her any child support

To make matters even more interesting Don Zella went ahead to change the traditional name of her son from Mayinja to Musuuza an action that has gotten  some fans scratching their head on who might be the real father of the kid

”Dear big eye respect my son’s condition banja sente zo mudembe don’t ever use ma son as your go escape i don’t talk to you, i have not talked to you in years and u have never given me any single shillings for ma son since he was born so silaba lwaki obanjiza mu linya lyo mwana wange mumbera jalimu mbu bakusasule njagala nyooo okusigala mu dembe lyange ne family yange .
Get well Britton Diamond Musuuza” Don Zella posted on Facebook