Renown media personality, Freestyle King and Muzzinyi Mr. Mosh Ssendi is joining active politics. Shocked and surprised, right?

Mr. Mosh Joining politics
Mr. Mosh Joining politics

Well those who follow him closely are not surprised because Mr. Mosh has always been passionate and very vocal about social and political issues in the country. He is one of those public figures who have always spoken out the truth without fear or favor on his social media platforms.

As we write this the ever young looking freestyle king has started online consultations as he warms up for the next general elections.

“Makindye East MP/ Division Mayor/ Councillor
Which position should I go for in 2021?
Tukooye Abaliyo…… We need new ideas.”, his caption reads on Facbook.

What You Didn’t Know About Him!


Mr. Mosh attended his primary at Mwiri primary school in Jinja district. He joined St. Francis Secondary School and Old Kampala SS for O and A level respectively.

Mosh on MC duties
Mosh on MC duties

He is pursuing a bachelors degree in Journalism.

Mosh is braggart by nature and has the “feel me” attitude. He is a type that will want to steal a show even when it’s not necessary.

 Favorite drink

Funny enough Mosh doesn’t smoke nor drink any intoxication while out. He spends much of his time on the phone and drinking a cold Pepsi.

Just like many short people, Mosh has a short temper and even the slightest thing would earn you a good slap. He doesn’t lose his cool easily but also takes ages when quarreling.

 Favorite music

Don’t trash-talk Jamaican music; I mean the dancehall and reggae vibes at least if you want to be close to him. He digs Busy Signal, Bennie Man, name it, locally he is so attached to Bobi Wine and Chameleone.

Mosh is also a clean man given the fact that he is Muslim, if he left his cup at position A let it not move to position B in his absentia. His property is his and his alone.

Unlike popular legends like MC Kats, Mosh didn’t over misbehave; he is a father of one son though he doesn’t stay with the mother but still takes his fatherly roles seriously. The son stays in Entebbe.

Does he have credentials
Does he have credentials

He is a ladies’ man that is attracted to brown ladies with good tits. If you flashed to the line of his Exs, they all hold the same traits. But he is a silent burner and Mosh doesn’t do PDA (Public Display Of Affection),he eats stuff in mute mode.

Not so friendly person. Mr Mosh doesn’t have so many close pals in the entertainment industry and has kept in touch with his day one niggas like Vamposs, Micheal Ross,Nick Nola.By the way he hardly goes out. Home is his thing.

Fashion sense, he has a big love for boots especially the Timberland, love buggy jeans and would rather drop a job that separates him with wearing a cape.

Pan African Mosh, he has a big love for African stuff and culture. Don’t mention about dating whites, the so called LGBTs (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, and Transgenda).


He is an ardent SC. Villa fan, Arsenal and Real Madrid.