Renown people power spokes person Joel Ssenyonyi has finally opened up on his first time sex experience and the ever anxious feeling of having to come back home expecting a well prepared meal.

The former NTV news anchor made headlines late last month when he walked down the aisle with long time girlfriend  Febress Nagawa in what many termed as a pure scientific wedding

Prior to the colorful wedding Sssenyonyi himself had shocked the nation when he revealed that he had never tasted the forbidden bean in his whole entire life

And now having spent over a fortnight in honey the eloquent People power mouth piece has finally opened up on his first time experience in marriage

Talking to one local TV station Ssenyonyi said he some times gets flabbergasted by the fact that he no longer has to eat ‘Kikomando’ for both supper and lunch

”It’s a whole new interesting experience.I no longer have to suffer with feeding on Kikomando.I now come back home to find a well prepared meal and you also know that after eating you also have to eat” Joel Ssenyonyi is quoted to have said