Former NBS TV presenter and renown senior  journalist Kazibwe Bashir has finally opened up on why he had to thrown in the towel at the Kamokya based media house and then moved in with a more up and coming station STV

Bashir and Tamale

Aside from the official reports that Kazibwe peacefully resigned to concentrate on his political ambitions, the learned Journalist says it was just about time he took his already  blossoming to the next level


”Yes it’s true i resigned to have time for plitical ambitions. I also wanted to grow as a person and finf a job that would give me time to engange in other activities” Bashir told this website when asked about why he threw in the towel at NBS


Inside sources also reveal that the political show host is now part of the senior management team SK Mbuga has entrusted to see to it that the station breaks even



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