A 30-year-old man in Arua has reportedly accused a police officer of firing live bullets at his foot for not wearing a facemask.

Bazil Asindua, a resident of Ediofe village in Arua City is nursing a wood he sustained to his foot after being allegedly shot at by a police officer.

Asindua alleges that the Police officer stopped him together with his brother, Mawa, at a roadblock at Manibe Sub County headquarters on Tuesday morning while on their way to Terego for the funeral of their late father.

Asindua identifies the police officer as Odong who is attached to the National Forestry Authority-NFA.

He claims Odongo stopped them and ordered that they handover a numberless motorcycle his brother Mawa was riding before accusing them of not wearing facemasks.

Asindua explains that a deep heated argument broke out leading Odong to slap him on the face twice, at this point he says out of anger he was forced to also slap the police officer back on the face too.

He says Odong retaliated by first firing a bullet in the air and then reportedly aiming to shoot his right toe.

Asindua says Odong then ordered them to sit under a Mango tree and told his two colleagues to kill them if they got stubborn.

The two were later picked up by a police patrol and driven to Arua CPS where they were locked up, however, Asindua was later taken to Arua Police health center iii.

Evans Vuata, the Commandant of professional Standards Unit-PSU in West Nile on Wednesday, acknowledged the police officer used excessive force and urged Asindua and his brother to report the matter to the Criminal Investigations Directorate.