Celebrated local singer Dr Jose Chameleon has made an unbelievable promise to the electorate of Kampala concerning his foreseeable leadership for the City

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While making his maiden appearance on  BABA TV early this week the talented singer revealed that unlike other leaders who want to cling on power for far too long he for one just wants to serve the people of Kampala for  just one term and then move on with other things

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”I don’t see my self serving for more than one term in that office. Am not a firm believer in clinging on power. I want to serve and rectify the City in one term but if people are willing to call me back for the second then i will have to revise my position” Chameleon said

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The singer turned politician will be tussling it out with seasoned legislator Eria Lukwago as the two vie for Kampala’s top most Job come 2021