After joyfully witnessing events that made the people power pressure group metamorphosize into a new political party the National Unity Platform, Kyandodndo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi was supposed to make an appearance on Patrick Kamara’s NTV political show on the spot to try and explain the aspirations of the new found party.

Being the popular opposition figure he has grown to become over the years ,Bobi Wine’s appearance on the show was highly advertised and as such the the public’s anticipation to see him dissect the vision and mission of the new party grew every passing minute

However to the surprise of many viewers yesterday evening Bobi Wine made a no show to the popular program a decision  that left many political enthusiast s very disappointed with the singing legislator

As usual social media has come up interesting reasons as why Bobi Wine refused to make a no show as seen below ;

1.Fear to face hard hitting intellectual questions  from NTV’s Patrick Kamara 

Some people on social media believe Bobi Wine deliberately refused to turn up for the show because of the fear to face hard hitting questions from Patrick Kamara having been exposed on the previous when he failed to outline the 4 Fiscal policies he would use to stabilize the economy.

2.Busy day Meeting Artistes, people power meetings

Apart from the alleged  fear to face off with the eloquent and highly intelligent Kamara, some people on social media believe Bobi Wine had a very busy day meeting up local artists and couldn’t find time to attrend the show at night. He also had several internal party meetings within people power and thus might have gotten too exhausted to attend the late night show

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3.Attending to demands of new party

The National Unity Platform being a new found party some people believe Bobi Wine might have had a busy day organizing and implementing new mechanisms with which the members would operate and run the day to day business of the party

4. Bobi Wine never wanted appear on the same show with Traitor Ssekikubo 

Some inside sources also reveal Bobi Wine just didn’t want to appear on the same show with fellow legislator Theodore Ssekikubo. This is because the Lwemiyaga county MP turned his back on the struggle and apologized to the NRM party chairman Yopweri Museveni simply because he wanted to be accepted in the yellow bus. It should be remembered that Ssekikubo and Bobi Wine fought tooth and nail to prevent the removal of the age limit in parliament back in 2017. For him to turn his back on the opposition and apologize to Sevo was seen as a direct sale of trust and betrayal of the struggle.

5.Busy securing bail for Baba FM presenter

Some people on social media also believe Bobi Wine was  busy securing bail for renown Radio host Twahir Ddamulira a presenter on Baba FM. it is said Damulira was fired from the Radio station and later arrested by police for hosting Bobi Wine without first seeking the required permission.