There is an old African saying which goes like ”When an exploitative market vendor sells to you items at an expensive price, you don’t go around cursing the way but rather sort out the mistreatment with him there and then”

Perhaps this is the same situation that celebrated local singer Wizzo Manizo found himself in on social media yesterday morning . The self styled ragga muffin unapologetically turned vulgar when one of his fans tasked him to explain if the girl he had posted on Instagram was the same chic he had allegedly battered at his place when they had misunderstandings.

Using Instagram as a medium of showing love Wizzo had earlier on posted a picture of Arena the new slay queen rumored to be eating his Cassava wishing her a splendid birthday. ”Happybirthday to my angel @arenakasyata” Wizzo posted 


On seeing the the singer’s birthday post one fan quickly commented asking if Arena was the same girl she had battered a few weeks ago when the pair had misunderstanding.

”gwewakuba just asking hbd” a one Princess derina inquired.

Angered by the nose poking character of his own fan, Wizzo wasted no time in putting her in a place she purely  deserves by turning abusive on her.

”@princessderinah buuza nyoko” a seemingly annoyed Wizzo blasted his fan.