Despite being close workmates for quite a long period of time now celebrated media personality Gaitano Kaggwa Jjuuko had no second thoughts in taking to social media and  lashing out at best friend Marcus Kwikiriza for putting on an abnormal weight and a mega plus size body.

NBS Television on Twitter: "Gaetano and Marcus share some reasons ...

Both Gaitano and Marcus work for the next media services and the pair have a chitty chatty show on NBS where they talk about anything trending and making headlines on social media.

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As if being cheeky to his long time friend, Gaetano took to Instagram and shared a picture of himself with Marcus before commenting on his seemingly excessive weight gain.

”So many captions come to mind @marcuskwikriza, but I think this one is self explanatory” Gaetano captioned a picture he took with Marcus indirectly hinting at his big size and excessive weight