Tweni Tweni is taking us with a terrific speed and we don’t know how it will end!

Sevo demonstrated indoor work-outs in April this year

After hammering 40 push ups in April this year in a bid to encourage people to keep fit at home under lockdown ,  the Fountain Of Honor President Y. K Museveni has done it again.

He has released another clip in which challenges his Bazzukulu to hit 40 push ups indoor.

In a one-minute and 30-seconds video unleashed on Wednesday, the 75-year-old appears barefoot in a spacious office with a plush blue carpet, wearing a grey tracksuit and navy blue T-shirt.

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The head of state then begins to do push-ups, placing his hands on a white towel laid on the floor.

In the background, Bazzukulu are heard counting 40 push-ups, although the camera cuts away at one point.

Sweating and out of breath, Sevo ends the session and the Bazzukulu jump on the challange!