Committed and married men like Navio miss out on many opportunities presented to them by daring and juicy babes. Rapper Daniel Lubwama Kigozi aka Navio legalized his bonking sessions with fiance Matilda in Sweden last year.

Navio and Matilda’s wedding

By doing so, he decided to remain faithful to his bae no matter the temptations. But being a cool rich guy with light skin complexion and top of that a Hip Hop legend, babes  Winnie Nwagi always want to have a piece of his yellow cassava.

And Swangz Avenue’s Winnie Nwagi could be among those babes who wish to serve it raw to the ‘Njogereza’ singer. If you watch the clip making rounds on social media, you will perhaps believe with me!

Winnie Nwagi

In the clip of about 30 seconds, Nwagi tries to rub and dub Navio with her goddess behind, however her mission fails miserably. Navio swiftly moves away as he escapes the bloody temptation, leaving the Musaawo singer visibly embarrassed! She is later seen in the background pretending to be busy.

Matilda must be super proud of her man.

Watch the clip below and have fun!