Not so long ago sexy and curvaceous singer Diana Namukwaya popularly known as Spice Diana made headlines after sharing beautiful pics of her newly designed outfit on Instagram.

Spice Diana Claims to be a good designer

Being the brand that she has become over the years the ‘Kokonya’ hit maker decided to use her social media numbers to promote her new designer outfit.

Spice Diana

Shaped and cut out like a squared box, Spice Diana thought out of the ordinary while coming up with her unique and rare outfit.

Spice Diana’s newly designed outfit

To share her creativity with the world at large, the singer proudly donned the beautiful outfit and later uploaded some colorful snaps on Instagram for all to see.

The singer has come under scrutiny over her sense of style

It being a rare kind of outfit in the country Spice Diana was later asked by the media on how she came up with the idea of making such a dress to which she answered she has always designed clothes for herself and many people for quite along time now.

Spice says she has been doing designs for quite some time now

”Am a designer my self. I have been designing clothes for many people in this country although i have kept it low key for a long time. Am good at what i do and i believe am one of the best if not the best in design” Spice Diana said when asked about her unique outfit


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