The Kampala capital city lord mayor Erias Lukwago has asked the government to revise upwards the monthly Senior Citizens Grant being donated to the elderly.

Lukwago argues that the figure of 25.000 shillings to the elderly monthly is too little to handle their needs in times where the cost of living is high.

The candid mayor has demanded that the government initiates research programs in connection to this and makes the necessary changes to benefit the lifestyle of the elderly.

He adds that research will enable an update of records that will end up with better planning practices to benefit the elderly across the country.

Today, August 10th, 2020, the elderly in Kampala through the national Extending Social Protection (ESP) program will start to receive accumulated monthly arrears totaling to Shs 150,000 from the government.

The Monthly Senior Citizens Grant benefits those 80 years and above with a valid National Identification Card.

Since January, the elderly in Kampala have not received any coin.