The effects of COVID-19 are not only felt in the urban areas, but the rural areas as well. A father of eight who felt ripped off after paying hard earned school fees for his children in full only to be told that they would return half way the term felt resuscitated the minute Zahara Totto and Patricko Mujuuka announced that he had been a lucky winner in the MTN MoMoNyabo Together Promotion.

Nelson Omony a resident of Pajimo West in Kitgum district with over eight children and two wives won himself 4,200,000 Uganda shillings in the MoMoNyabo Together promotion. With his entire family standing by their grass thatched hut, an astonished Omony could not believe he had won such huge amounts of money. An excited Omony said he decided to inform his household at once on how he had become a millionaire overnight.

Omony narrated that when contacted by the hosts of the show Zahara Totto and Patricko Mujuuka, he was in the trading center and decided to respond and answer the questions he was asked. He managed to answer all four questions correctly thus the winning of 4,200,000 Uganda shillings.

Omony decided to share the money with his wife Grace Acan however further added that this money would not only help his wife but will also be used for the welfare of his eight children. Omony spends 80,000 Uganda shillings on school fees for his eight children however, with the money he had won, he was overjoyed to see that he’s children will have their tuition sorted for some good time.

Omony a farmer dealing in simsim, maize, cassava, millet and sorghum said he would invest the money he had won in his farm. Omony said he intends to buy more seeds as well as an oxen that would be used to plough their land.

Acan unable to fathom the fact that she had become a millionaire was seen ululating and dancing while chanting praises to MTN Uganda for deciding to give back to her husband and household in general.

While congratulating Omony, Emma Thoryek the regional manager East encouraged residents of Kitgum to continue subscribing to MTN services especially its mobile money service as there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to win over 5,000,000 Uganda shillings worth of mobile money.

Apart from the winners called in studio, 250 people win 50,000 shillings directly every day. All you have to do is pay using MTN MoMo and stand a chance to win

Use Mobile Money to pay for everything including airtime, data, voice bundles, yaka, water, television subscription and so much more. Watch the live draw game shows every weekday at 8.20pm on NBS TV and Bukedde TV hosted by Zahara Totto and Patricko Mujuuka. You could be the next winner because with MoMo Nyabo together, everyone is a winner.