Eddy Kenzo says he will not kowtow to whoever demanding him to apologize for the bitterly spitting venom about People Power honcho, Hon. Bobi Wine.

Kenzo says he will not apologize
Kenzo says he will not apologize

Kenzo found himself in a tight situation after one of Bobi’s trusted disciples leaked his phone conversation on internet. fired back at people who pity his current social media life.

In the recorded conversation audio, the award winning superstar was heard blasting Hon. Bobi Wine, crowning him a legendary hypocrite and traitor who uses ping-pong tactics to remain the only bull in the Kraal.

And ever since this private conversation leaked, Kenzo has been bashed on social media to near levels of submission but guess what? Taata Aamal has stood his ground and advised those who think he will take back his words to relax and take a chill pill.

He says he doesn’t regret ranting in the audio but rather pissed with the person who leaked the conversation on social media.

Eddy Kenzo performed at Bobi Wine's 'Kyarenga' concert in 2018
Eddy Kenzo performed at Bobi Wine’s ‘Kyarenga’ concert in 2018

“… Ssejjusa yadde nakamu! I don’t regret saying those words because those are the exact words i would tell Bobi if i met him  face to face. Am just disappointed in the person who leaked the conversation. I don’t know his motives”, Kenzo said.

However, he says he has nothing against Bobi Wine and wishes him well in his political dreams.

Bobi is ready to run for presidency in 2021 under his party, National Unity Platform.

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