After a series of rumors doing rounds on various social media channels that the Kabaka is bedridden and suffering from a serious illness, the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has on Monday trashed all stories as untrue.

Mayiga says that from Friday last week, the media has been awash with the unpleasant rumors prompting widespread concern and anxiety from people who have been constantly calling and asking for more light on the matter.

In a brief presser at Bulange, Mengo on Monday morning, Mayiga stressed that the Kabaka his Highness Ronald Mwenda Mutebi ii is very fine performing his usual duties and not under any hospitalization as alleged.

He went on to say that such false propaganda is instigated by a few social media channels and bloggers desperately seeking cheap popularity and followers to make money.

Mayiga explains that these individuals don’t want to see any progress in the Kingdom or the programs within the kingdom

He went on to describe the bloggers as jobless criminals, drunkards, and users of narcotic drugs whose only aim is to fail the Kingdom by interpreting every initiative as false.

Katikiro has advised the public to follow the right media channels of the Buganda Kingdom to get this information including getting official commnication from their minister for information.