At the beginning of this year, singer Aziz Azion bragged about  introducing multi-award winning superstar Edrisa Musuuza aka  Eddy Kenzo into the singing game.

Aziz Azion predicts Kenzo's downfall
Aziz Azion predicts Kenzo’s downfall

He claimed that with all the things he did for him, Kenzo had never publicly appreciated him but instead choose to give credit to Bobi Wine. He further said that the Big Talent boss forgot about his existence the moment he tasted fame.

While talking about Kenzo-Bobi Wine beef that’s trending on social media, Aziz Azion claimed Kenzo had dug his own grave by attacking People Power leader, Bobi Wine.
He said Kenzo’s true colors are starting to show. He cannot hide them anymore.

Aziz Azion, who subscribes to Bobi’s NUP said Kenzo’s music career is going be affected and it may not recover.

 Aziz Azion was Kenzo's best friend
Aziz Azion was Kenzo’s best friend

“I said it but people thought I was jealousy of his success. He is always denying people whom he has used as ladders to kick-start his career. But his career might not recover after attacking Bobi Wine,” he said in an interview with a local television.

This week on Tuesday Kenzo continued to troll, ridicule and mock Bobi Wine after NRM scooped more numbers in the just concluded Youth Elections. He took it to his page and posted;

“In this day and age of social media and the enigmatic youth vote (is it below 25 or 35?) it is humbling to accept that likes and retweets are not a reflection of real-life support. The youth elections that took place this week are a reminder of the difference between fact and fiction. _As the saying goes; men lie, women lie but numbers don’t lie”.