Up to 90% of  Kampala’s record 175 COVID-19 cases have  reported using public transport and the taxi park.

The other key of source of infection, according to a statement from Kampala Capital City Authority, are offices, workshops and arcades, due to noncompliance to simple preventive measures.

The KCCA Public Health Directorate has issued notices to the non-compliant arcades to ensure full compliance to the SOPs within 7 days after which stern sanctions shall be imposed upon them.

In just the last 11 days, Kampala has registered 175 cases out of which 116 (66.3%) are alerts, 46(26.3%) are contacts, 9 (5.1%) health workers and 4(2.3%) returnees.

A significant proportion (66.3%) of the new infections in Kampala were “alerts” followed by contacts of previously confirmed cases at 26.3%.

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