President Yoweri Museveni has sarcastically pitied the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago while officially appointing the former Deputy Lord Mayor Sarah Kanyike as the State Minister for Disabilities and Elderly.

Kanyike on Monday afternoon took an oath of office at State House in Entebbe.

Kanyike was appointed State Minister for the Elderly and the Disabled on 24 July 2020 from her previous position as Deputy Lord Mayor where she has served since 16 June 2016.

She also concurrently represented Makindye East in the Kampala Capital City Authority Council.

Kanyike has taken over from Adrian Tubaleka who was rejected by the Parliamentary Appointments Committee -PAC.

Prior to her resignation, Lukwago had pleaded with her to reject the appointment and declare her position on the matter within 3 days which ended with her resigning.

In a trending social media post today, Museveni congratulated Kanyinye on her appointment and also laughed at her former boss, Lukwago.
It reads;

“I congratulate Ms. Sarah Kanyike upon her appointed as State Minister for Disabilities and Elderly,” Museveni posted on social media.

“I want to express sympathy to my son Lukwago (Erias) who almost got a heart attack because I captured a big fish from my old party (DP).”