It is a somber mood in Arua city on Friday after a fierce Lightning strike claimed the lives of 10 boys taking shelter during a football game.

The situation at Gbulukua village is tense as the ten families in the same village are still in grief even as the dead children have been laid to rest this morning.

The boys aged between 12 and 15 years met their sudden demise on Thursday evening at 7 pm in Gbulukua village, Ayivu West Division in Arua City after a heavy downpour that lasted 2 hours from 5 pm.

1 of these boys died on the spot while taking shelter on the veranda of a grass-thatched house while 9 others didn’t make it at to Arua Regional Referral Hospital where they were rushed to for treatment.

Alex Ndema, the Gombolola Internal Security Officer for Ayivuni Sub County says the first strike killed one child before another strike rendered the 9 others unconscious.

Josephine Angucia the police spokesperson for the West Nile region says police is still trying to establish exactly how many children died following contradicting reports from locals that 9 could have survived while 1 died.