A dark-hearted Step-Dad in Kajjansi town council, Kampala has been thrown behind police cells for attempting to murder his own daughter by inserting a nail into her private parts.

Prior to his evil deed, Nneka Patrick reportedly had a deep heated quarrel with his wife who he accused of cheating on him with another man before sending her to fetch water from a nearby nail.

However, upon her return from the well, the mother was shocked to find her 5-year-old daughter identified as Kwagala Devin in an appalling state crying for help while blood was oozing out of her private parts.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says when the mother moved closer to her baby, she realized the child was in unbearable pain as she had a 5-inch nail inserted into her private parts.

Enanga says she screamed for help prompting the neighbor’s attention who helped rush the child to the hospital.

Police were notified of what happened and the evil stepfather has been locked up on charges of attempted murder.

Enanga condemned the brutal act and has advised mothers to be extra careful with leaving their children in the hands of relatives

He says relatives, parents, and guardians have recently been caught directly harming their children in brutal acts of child abuse including rape , aggravated defilement , assault among others