Celebrated City socialite and renown party animal  Sheila Gashumba has once again taken to social media and showed off the sexy killer look she normally gives to her  loaded boyfriend God’s plan every time she sips on an expensive Martenelis champagne.

Sheila chilling with her bottles of martenellis

The self proclaimed Lil stunner struck a multi million deal with a champagne making company Martenelis and like it has always been the case with her influencing gigs, Sheila looked for something catchy that would get her followers talking.

Sheila Gashumba enjoying her self

And rightly deserving of her name the pencil thin socialite revealed the kind of look she always gives her man every time she gallops a few bottles of Martenelis

Party girl Sheila Gashumba

”How I look at my future husband after a few glasses of @martinellisug ” Sheila posted on her Instagram account

Sheila Gashumba enjoying her self

The embattled former NTV presenter has been in the news over a fake vehicle that was gifted to her by her controversial dad Frank Gashumba