For all the years singer Sheebah Karungi has spent in the music game, many fans and music critics have down played her vocals and live performance.


Many always say she can only pull it off while miming her songs on CD. Her competitor, Cindy Sanyu has  also always used the same line to show how supreme she is.

Cindy at one point advised the TNS lead star to rehearse as much as possible if she ever dreams of dinning with great artists in the industry. Well Sheebah could have heed to Cindy’s advise and now she has a point to prove.

Fans now believe Sheebah can beat Cindy hands down in a battle

Over the weekend, she unleashed her powerful vocals on a live band as she performed her love ballad, ‘ Beera Nange’ at Club Beatz At home Season 3. Most of her fans believe she can take on Cindy now in a musical battle and win it hands down.

Click on the link below and checkout her performance ;

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