The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB)has announced that it will carry out Final examinations for candidate classes once schools are reopened.

The communication is stated in a circular dated September 9, 2020, authored by the UNEB Executive Secretary Dan Odongo.

This quashes earlier reports doing rounds on various social media platforms indicating that UNEB is not prepared to conduct final year national examinations despite candidate classes reopening.

It reads in part; “UNEB is proceeding with its preparations to conduct the national examinations at an appropriate time and in accordance with a revised school calendar which will be published by the Ministry of Education and Sports when schools re-open.”

Odongo however declined to comment further on the subject of reopening and only says they are waiting for official communication from either the President or the Minister of Education and Sports.

However, this comes shortly after the Education Ministry has drafted new guidelines to offer actionable guidance for safe reopening and running of education institutions.

Several sources have already reported that Education institutions will reopen starting September 20, for candidate classes (P7, S4, and S6) and final year students in higher institutions of learning.

“…given that these schools follow the school calendar of their international affiliates and their candidate classes do not correspond to the standard education cycles in Uganda, international schools in Uganda may reopen and operate at full capacity with effect from 21 Sept,” the document reads in part.

However, President Museveni will address the country on if schools will reopen again this year.