There is no doubt that celebrated media personalities Flavia Tumusiime and Andrew Kabuura are an inspiration to many young boys and girls who want to make it life.

NTV presenters Kabuura, Flavia finally open up on breakup – Watchdog Uganda

Not only is the gorgeous pair happily married but it is easier to say that the two eloquent TV presenters have had illustrious careers spanning over years both on Radio and screen.

NTV News Anchor Flavia Tumusiime Pregnant with Andrew Kabuura's Baby |  ChimpReports

It is for this reason that what ever the two say or do carries alot of weight and sense to the younger generation.

Perhaps as a way of inspiring and imparting knowledge on to their die hard fans the power couple made a video of themselves taking a stroll down the neighborhood as they discussed who between a man and a woman has the responsibility of using contraception .


In the video a jolly Flavia is heard asking her hubby if the onus is just on men to take control on whether sex should be played live or not

Check out the video below;