The Uganda parliamentary forum for children and the catholic church of Uganda have teamed up with a consortium of NGO’s advocating for a child’s rights to demand that parliament pass the Bill on child sacrifice into law.

The NGO’s including world vision, children on the edge, Uganda child’s right network among others want parliament to fast track the prevention and prohibition of the Human sacrifice bill 2020 before the 11th parliament into law.

The NGO’s also want the government to institute child protection structures like the LC1’s to make sure that children in their localities are protected from all forms of violence and communities stay alert.

They claim that 90 percent of children exposed to child sacrifice die, and for every early death of a child, the family is left distressed and the entire community living in fear.

According to the world vision, this year alone, Uganda has already recorded 14 cases of child sacrifice and only 1 survivor, in different parts of Uganda, and 26 other children are still missing.

Peter Sewakiyanga the Executive Director of Kyampisi child care an NGO for child rights says that all arms of government get involved in the fight including the president and the Speaker of parliament.

This joint presser comes on the heels of a child sacrifice incident that dominated parliament on Monday afternoon after a 22year old man unsuccessfully delivered ahead of a 3-year-old child girl to the speaker of parliament as a gift.

Robert Ntende the Bunya North Mp Representing the parliamentary forum says he will table these concerns in parliament today afternoon to ensure the bill is passes into law.