Earlier today morning, singer cum politician Joseph Mayanja aka Chameleone has surprised his ardent fans and supporters in Mbarara City with unexpected visit.

Chameleone sneaked out of Kampala and drove to the West to refresh his mind as gears up for 2021 general elections.

The Baliwa star who intends to run for Kampala city lord Mayorship also visited National Unity Platform offices, attracting hundreds of people and putting the business to a stand still.

Riding in his State of the Art sleek white Land Cruiser V8, he kept on waving at crowds, chanting Lord Mayor and People Power slogan.

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Chamili has taken it to his official Facebook page and tickled his competitors, Incumbent Erias Lukwago and Latif Ssebagala.

“What a feeling! On my way to south Uganda I visited the NATIONAL UNITY PLATFORM Offices in Mbarara Town!!! Thanks Mbarara for being vigilant.
Besides aspiring for Kampala Lord Mayor 2021 We want the whole of Uganda back to the people!!!!
People want Change and so vigilant for 2021!!

Come Mr. Latif
Go Mr Erias


We want- CHANGE!!!!

EKIBUGA KYA MAYANJA!!”, he posted.