Police in Kampala have netted Two security officers in connection to the mysterious fire that ravaged Makerere University’s iconic structure on Sunday.

The 2 guards, a police officer, and a private security guard have been thrown into police custody for being negligent while on duty when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Fred Enanga the Uganda police mouthpiece says investigations indicate that both officers were absent from duty at the time of the fire.

Enanga says the private security guard slept all night at the university building while the fire burnt despite attempts to awake him while the police officer absconded from duty that night.

Enanga attributes the laxity on the part of both security guards to the rapid increase in the flames saying they delayed to report the matter to the police.

He explains that it took the sleeping security guard hours to open and his room and by then the fire had spread to the roof and other rooms on the building.

Enanga also revealed that police deployed 11 trucks and a team of over 40 men to put out the fire.

Enanga says police forensic experts have retrieved CCTV camera footage from the library wing help tell if any person could have accessed the main building before the fire