Kagwirawo is an online Sports Betting company with the biggest odds all over the country and it covers a wide range of leagues from different countries.

Of recent, Covid-19 saw all betting shops all over the country being closed and this led a big population into poverty therefore Kagwirawo has come up to fight the cause.

With no ease of betting companies being restricted not ton open soon, an online betting company called Kagwirawo which is owned by true Ugandans has come up with mobile bases solutions that will enable betters continue their work of betting without exposing themselves to the deadly virus.


Kagwirawo Sports Betting CEO Dr. Innocent Nahabwe in a press conference held at the head-offices located in Kasanga said that most leagues were put on hold and betting houses were at every corner closed and this affected all betters and therefore they have come up with mobile based solutions via website.

Dr. Innocent
Dr. Innocent

He added that online was a challenge for most bettors because of the language barrier and access to high end phones. The USSD solution is easy and advised bettors to go to their mobile money menu or network app and choose to bet with Kagwirawo.

Kagwirawo also has an app that is very easy to use for betting. All this allows one to bet safely from wherever one may be without risking to be exoposed to Covid-19.

Chris Mabonga who is a manager for Kagwirawo sports betting company has assured customers that the company will continue to provide the best odds and options.