Star singer Eddy Kenzo is happy man after re-uniting with his younger sister, 26, whom he hadn’t seen in more than 20 years.

Eddy Kenzo and his sis re-unite

In an interview on NBS After5 last week on Friday, Kenzo said he had searched for years for his sis but he finally found her last month.

He didn’t mention the sister’s name, suggesting that she is not yet ready for the public eye.

“I and my other brother handed our sister to some woman in Katwe as she was still very young and could not be on the streets with us,” said Kenzo.

“The woman we handed our sister also handed her to another woman,” he said.

Kenzo comes from a family of five siblings

Kenzo said the woman mistreated their sister and she ran away from home. He said when he got a home; he longed to find his sister. He searched for many years, each time coming up short.

He that he was recently called and told she had been found.

Kenzo says he parted with his sis 23 years ago

The singer was surprised that the sister had been living in Katwe, selling stuff by the roadside.

“I was buying things from her in Katwe not knowing she was my sister. I’m so happy,” he revealed.

Kenzo says he comes from a family of five siblings on his dad’s side.