Police are investigating a nasty accident that happened on Tuesday morning involving the YY coach bus causing grave injuries to over 17 people on board.

The accident involving a bus, Registration Number UAX 852F happened at about 7:30 am at Kanyonyi in Mabira Forest, Buikwe district.
The Bus was on transit from Kampala to Mbale when the ill-fated accident occurred.

Hellen Butoto, the Ssezibwa Regional Police Spokesperson, says although no deaths have been reported, preliminary investigations suggest that the accident could have been as a result of over speeding and made worse by a heavy downpour.

She explained that the driver of the bus veered off the road when it was raining, leading the bus to crush on the ground.

Buttoto adds that 2 passengers sustained broken legs while 15 others were badly injured and have all been hospitalized at Kawolo hospital as investigations continue into the exact cause of the accident.

This is the second accident involving YY coaches in a period of three months. Another YY bus, Registration Number No. UAS 765V, crashed in July at Tirinyi village, Kadama trading center in Mbale.