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Police have responded to allegations by the National Unity Platform-NUP presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine that a drone has been hovering above his Magere based residence.

Now, the Police mouthpiece Fred Enanga says they can only launch an investigation and follow up on the matter if Kyagulanyi files a formal complaint.

Bobi wine hasn’t yet filed a formal complaint with the police claiming a drone was on Thursday night spotted at his home but complained about it on social media pointing it to a government plot.

”So there is a drone above my house. Unfortunately, I can’t reach it a stone. But friends you don’t have to worry, apart from evading my privacy, they are worried about us,” he says.

In addition to that Bobi’s bodyguard, Eddie Mutwe posted on his social media platforms a picture of a drone before alleging that it shouldn’t be mistaken for a star when in fact it is a drone on surveillance.

“This is really beyond, the dictator is in total panic for real. This is not just a star; it’s a drone surveilling Bobi Wine’s home,” he posted.

Shortly after that Bobi’s lawyer the Busiro East Member of Parliament Medard Lubega Ssegonna equally wrote a brief statement on his social media platforms.

“ We’re ready for what we went in, the liberation of our country will not be attained from a silver plate. Kaput to all!! We possess the Victory Lane,” he posted.

On Wednesday this week, Police and the military stormed the NUP head offices in Kamwokya and seized various items including party symbols, red berets, red T-shirts, money, and documents among others.

Police explained that they were illegally in possession of military-related stores , they also arrested over 132 persons from various places in Kampala where NUP has offices.

NUP Party Spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi accused the security operatives and the regime of stealing money,documents with Bobi’s presidential signatures, and other valuables

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